The Second Coming of Gluttony Manga

The Second Coming of Gluttony Manga

The Second Coming of Gluttony Manga Info :

Where can I read The Second Coming of Gluttony?

You can read The Second Coming of Gluttony manga online at in English for free.

What is the release schedule for The Second Coming of Gluttony manga?

The Second Coming of Gluttony Chapters are released weekly. But sometimes, the manga chapters get delayed. Bookmark to stay notified whenever a new chapter is released.

The Second Coming of Gluttony Reviews:

This is the kind of hardcore, cliffhanger-almost-every-chapter story you want to binge when it has hundreds of chapters, honestly, but even though there’s a crushing disappointment that leaves you hanging- I’d still suggest starting this when you have the time.  (There are 30 chapters out at the time I’m writing this, that I’ve read and ugh, cliffhangers.)

Fair warning: it is gory, you learn that within the first few panels (a crow rips an eyeball out of a corpse’s skull, heavy handed symbolism there and absolutely foreshadowing the nasty nature of the story.) And it definitely qualifies as thriller/horror not just psychological. 

At first, the main character is a loser, terrible, unlikable.  But soon, that doesn’t matter, so stick with it a few chapters…  It’s hard to say a lot without spoilers, so I guess I’ll just finish with ‘read it’ and don’t be like me, staying up until 3am doing so… It will suck you in, so be warned.  Remember to eat, drink, and sleep responsibly while reading. 

About The Second Coming of Gluttony

He was an addict, a loser, a despicable human being. But, one fleeting dream that may not have been a dream at all reawakens his once-lost senses. Possessing a very unique ability, he would use that, and the dream, to forge his path in the world now known as the Lost Paradise.

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